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Corporate Profile

A-Smart Holdings Ltd, a SGX mainboard-listed company, has invested in market-ready solutions for smart cities, particularly business intelligence and automation for retail services and ecological sustainability. Its focus includes time-sensitive printing, innovative signage, Internet platform, data analytics, automated and augmented reality solutions, managed cash and digital payment, and green technologies, configured for business and consumer services in smart cities.

It combines cutting-edge industry insights with innovative technology to generate practical, engaging and useful solutions for raising livability and productivity. It offers technological solutions that include digital automation, mobile productivity, and data analytics solutions to empower entrepreneurs and enterprises to manage costs, and give a clearer picture on potential savings and reduction of wastage.

For sustainability, it provides hygienic and compact on-site waste recycling solutions, integrated with cleaning services if necessary. Its subsidiary companies are currently working on solutions for urban living based on 4th Industrial Revolution and Internet-Of-Things technology.

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