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A-Smart Property Holdings Pte Ltd

A-Smart Property Holdings was formed in 2018 to carry out property development and related investment in the accommodation, hospitality, industrial and commercial sectors.

The Group has identified Timor-Leste as a potential emerging market. The country, rich in oil and gas and highly reliant on oil as its export, has started looking into the development of its infrastructure, and to reallocate more government resources to diversify its economy by expanding towards the manufacturing and tourism industries. Therein thus lie numerous untapped opportunities due to the country’s shortage of quality residential and commercial properties. The Group intends to ride on the government’s plans to modernise its infrastructure and facilities and attract more foreign investments, which will allow home buyers and investors to enjoy a growth in valuation of the Group’s upcoming developments, namely a state-of-the-art mixed development project, a wholesale centre, and a beach resort.


A-Smart Commerce Pte Ltd

With expansion of the Group’s core business to include Smart Technologies Businesses, A-Smart Commerce was formed in 2016 to be an investment holding company for its new businesses in digital economy and urban consumer services.

A-Smart Life Pte Ltd

A-Smart Life was formed in 2017 with a primary focus to innovate and implement automation, serving Singapore’s growth as a Smart Nation along with the rise of smart cities globally. A-Smart Life provides intelligent IT, augmented reality and automated solutions for urban living in various aspects, such as mobile e-commerce, data-driven productivity, F&B and retail services.

A-Smart Life’s drive to develop and implement technology through an active, hands-on and friendly approach also allows it to stay abreast of the latest technological happenings. It is through this keen sense of technological appreciation that A-Smart Life started its research into ecological sustainability – the A-Smart (food waste) Digester. Through countless trials and errors and multiple field trips to learn and adopt the latest and most efficient technology, the A-Smart Digester is now a refined product and has been given the stamp of approval by the National Environment Agency (NEA).

A-Smart Life strives to be a leading developer and adopter of one-stop smart IT and environmentally friendly solutions in Southeast Asia, paving the way for a sustainable future!

A-Smart Pair (SEA) Pte Ltd

Serving sustainable lifestyle, A-Smart Pair (SEA) provides compact recycling machines that allow low energy, high speed processing of food waste for conversion to natural, healthy fertiliser at the point of food handling. Through joint venture with an established technology leader, A-Smart Pair (SEA) drives continual innovation and development for the mission of ecological sustainability.

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Xpress Print Pte Ltd

Established in 1986, Xpress Print offers full range of managed print services including time-sensitive financial printing, conceptualisation, design, copywriting, translation, typesetting, colour proofing, printing, post-press packaging, global distribution and delivery. Serving Fortune 500 companies and other leading organisations in Asia, Xpress Print is headquartered in Singapore.

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A-Smart Media Pte Ltd

A-Smart Media promotes exciting media technology through public events. The maiden event, an epic dance musical with 3D presentation Legend of the Moon, was opened at the Star Performing Arts Centre on 6 January 2017, with proceeds going to the President’s Challenge Charity Fund. Complementing the Group’s entry into Smart Technologies Businesses, A-Smart Media also specialises in animation design and production, integrated hardware, and smart delivery software for glassless 3D displays.

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A-Smart Investments Pte Ltd

The Group formed A-Smart Investments in 2016 to provide long term capital investment in conjunction with the Group’s new profile, business activities and business direction. The company’s first activity was investment in Sheng Shiong (China) Supermarket Co., Ltd, an initiative that anchors the Group to economic growth trend in China.

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